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Using init containers to handle Openshift’s arbitrary user ids

intro Openshift takes security seriously. Sometimes more seriously than I’d like (mostly cause I am lazy). One such example is the fact that containers run using arbitrary users. This is done as an extra measure to control damages, should a process somehow escapes its container boundaries. But how does it affect users? the problem Users […]

Hello, from wordpress

Intro I’ve been using blogspot to host my blog for 7 years now. The last couple of years I am not actively blogging. One of the reasons, is that it feels a little bit painful to do so, and the outcome has an ‘old’ and ‘crusty’ feel. So I’ve decided to move to a wordpress […]

Voxxed Thessaloniki 2016

Intro I am back home after a great Voxxed Days event in Thessaloniki and its a good chance to write a blog post about it (something I haven’t done in ages). It was one of the most well organized conferences I’ve ever been so ‘kudos’ to organization team. My talk I spoke about ‘getting started […]

A kubernetes workflow plugin

Intro The last couple of months I’ve been experimenting with Jenkins and how to best integrate it with Docker and Kubernetes. A couple of months ago I even blogged about possible setups that involve the use of the Docker Workflow Plugin inside Kubernetes (you can find the post here). While the  Docker Workflow Plugin is really great, it still doesn’t […]

Using Camel, CDI inside Kubernetes with Fabric8

Prologue I recently blogged about Injecting Kubernetes Services with CDI. In this post I am going to take things one step further and bring Apache Camel into the picture. So, I am going to use Camel’s CDI support to wire my components and routes, along with Fabric8‘s CDI extension to automatically inject Kubernetes services into my components. I […]

Injecting Kubernetes Services in CDI managed beans using Fabric8

Prologue The thing I love the most in Kubernetes is the way services are discovered. Why? Mostly because the user code doesn’t have to deal with registering, looking up services and also because there are no networking surprises (if you’ve ever tried a registry based approach, you’ll know what I am talking about). This post […]

Learning Apache Karaf

Prologue During my easter vacation I had some spare time and I decided to take a closer look at Learning Apache Karaf by Jamie Goodyear, Johan Edstorm and Heith Kesler. The team of authors is well known to the Apache Karaf community, so I had no doubt that it would worth my while. A first glance at “Learning […]