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ServiceMix Committer

I am currently in the middle of my Xmas vacation and I was just about to download a movie for tonight.While downloading, I checked my emails, which I haven’t really checked since Christmas Eve. An invitation to join the Apache ServiceMix project as a committer was waiting for me on the top of my Inbox. […]

Karaf’s JAAS modules in action

PrologueKaraf 2.1.0 has been just released! Among other new features, it includes a major revamp in the JAAS module support: Encryption support Database Login Module Role Policies This post will use all 3 features, in order to create a secured Wicket application on Karaf, using Karaf’s JAAS modules and Wicket’s auth-roles module. IntroductionThe application that […]

Apache Karaf Committer

1 week after my vacation and still suffering from “post vacation depression”, this Monday seemed like a nightmare. I went to the office and I was feeling the urge to go get my self a huge Carafe of coffee (cups have long been proven inefficient), when an icoming email draw my attention. It was an […]

Wicket, Spring 3, JPA2 & Hibernate OSGi Application on Apache Karaf

EDIT: Hibernate is now OSGi ready so most of those stuff are now completely outdated. The full source for this post has been move to github.PrologueRecently I attempted to modify an existing crud web application for OSGi deployment. During the process I encountered a lot of issues such as Lack of OSGi bundles. Troubles wiring the […]

Spring AOP and Reflection Pitfalls

PrologueThis post intents to point out some pitfalls when using spring aop and reflection on the same objects. Moreover, it provides some examples of these pitfalls when combining ServiceMix & Camel with Spring JPA/Hibernate. The two most common uses of aspect oriented programming with spring are Security Transaction Handling I found myself having issues when […]

Extend ServiceMix Management features using Spring – Part 3

In the previous posts (Extend ServiceMix Management features using Spring – Part 1 and Part 2) I presented how to use spring to gain control over endpoint lifecycle and configuration via jmx. You might wonder till now “what happens to those custom changes if I have to redeploy the assembly, restart servicemix or even worse […]