CamelOne 2012

Now the the Oscar nomination ceremony is over, the next big event is CamelOne. So save the date, 15-18 May at Boston. Learn about CamelProfessionals using open source integration and messaging, have a great opportunity to learn more about Camel. Besides the presentations and the opportunity to meet & talk with fellow Camel riders, there are also […]

JClouds & OSGi

OSGi in the cloudsThe last couple of years OSGi and Cloud Computing are two buzz words, that you don’t see go hand in hand that often. JClouds is going to change that, since 1.0.0 release is OSGi ready and it also provide direct integration with Apache Karaf. JClouds in the KarafThe last couple of weeks I have been […]

Apache Karaf Cellar

PrologueIn some previous blog post, I designed and implemented Cellar (a small clustering engine for Apache Karaf powered by Hazelcast). Since then Cellar grew in features and eventually was accepted inside Karaf as a subproject. This post will provide a brief description of Cellar as it is today. Cellar OverviewCellar is designed so that it can provide Karaf […]

Introduction to OSGi and Karaf at JHUG

EDIT: The video links have been updated. New videos provided with improved quality.Presented on OSGi and Apache Karaf on Java Hellenic User Group. It was a great event with very interesting presentations. The full list of presentations can be found here. Regarding my presentation, I was a bit nervous at first, since I hadn’t practiced my “presentation” skills for a while, but […]

Hazelcast on Karaf

PrologueThe last months Hazelcast caught my attention. I first saw the JIRA of the camel-hazelcast component, then I read about it, I run some examples and eventually I fell in love with it. If you are not already familiar with it, Hazelcast is an opensource clustering platform, which provdies a lot of features such as: Auto discovery […]