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Using Camel, CDI inside Kubernetes with Fabric8

Prologue I recently blogged about Injecting Kubernetes Services with CDI. In this post I am going to take things one step further and bring Apache Camel into the picture. So, I am going to use Camel’s CDI support to wire my components and routes, along with Fabric8‘s CDI extension to automatically inject Kubernetes services into my components. I […]

Hawtio & Apache Jclouds

IntroductionI’ve spent some time lately working on an Apache Jclouds plugin for Hawtio. While there is still a lot of pending work, I couldn’t hold my excitement and wanted to share… What is this Hawtio anyway? Whenever a cool open source project is brought to my attention, I usually subscribe to the mailing lists so that I can get […]

Fuse Fabric and Camel

PrologueI have already blogged about CamelOne which is going to take place on May 15 – 16 at Boston this year. I am really excited about it, as a lot of new things are going to be talked about there. So I’d like to share my excitement with you and give you a small preview of “Using […]

CamelOne 2012

Now the the Oscar nomination ceremony is over, the next big event is CamelOne. So save the date, 15-18 May at Boston. Learn about CamelProfessionals using open source integration and messaging, have a great opportunity to learn more about Camel. Besides the presentations and the opportunity to meet & talk with fellow Camel riders, there are also […]

JClouds & OSGi

OSGi in the cloudsThe last couple of years OSGi and Cloud Computing are two buzz words, that you don’t see go hand in hand that often. JClouds is going to change that, since 1.0.0 release is OSGi ready and it also provide direct integration with Apache Karaf. JClouds in the KarafThe last couple of weeks I have been […]