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Learning Apache Karaf

Prologue During my easter vacation I had some spare time and I decided to take a closer look at Learning Apache Karaf by Jamie Goodyear, Johan Edstorm and Heith Kesler. The team of authors is well known to the Apache Karaf community, so I had no doubt that it would worth my while. A first glance at “Learning […]

Apache Karaf meets Apache HBase

Introduction Apache HBase is an open-source, distributed, versioned, column-oriented store modeled after Google’s Bigtable. If you are a regular reader most probably you already know what Apache Karaf is, but for those who are not: Apache Karaf is an OSGi runtime that runs on top of any OSGi framework and provides you a set of […]

Fuse Fabric and Camel

PrologueI have already blogged about CamelOne which is going to take place on May 15 – 16 at Boston this year. I am really excited about it, as a lot of new things are going to be talked about there. So I’d like to share my excitement with you and give you a small preview of “Using […]

JClouds & OSGi

OSGi in the cloudsThe last couple of years OSGi and Cloud Computing are two buzz words, that you don’t see go hand in hand that often. JClouds is going to change that, since 1.0.0 release is OSGi ready and it also provide direct integration with Apache Karaf. JClouds in the KarafThe last couple of weeks I have been […]

Apache Karaf Cellar

PrologueIn some previous blog post, I designed and implemented Cellar (a small clustering engine for Apache Karaf powered by Hazelcast). Since then Cellar grew in features and eventually was accepted inside Karaf as a subproject. This post will provide a brief description of Cellar as it is today. Cellar OverviewCellar is designed so that it can provide Karaf […]