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Hazelcast on Karaf

PrologueThe last months Hazelcast caught my attention. I first saw the JIRA of the camel-hazelcast component, then I read about it, I run some examples and eventually I fell in love with it. If you are not already familiar with it, Hazelcast is an opensource clustering platform, which provdies a lot of features such as: Auto discovery […]

Karaf’s JAAS modules in action

PrologueKaraf 2.1.0 has been just released! Among other new features, it includes a major revamp in the JAAS module support: Encryption support Database Login Module Role Policies This post will use all 3 features, in order to create a secured Wicket application on Karaf, using Karaf’s JAAS modules and Wicket’s auth-roles module. IntroductionThe application that […]

Apache Karaf Committer

1 week after my vacation and still suffering from “post vacation depression”, this Monday seemed like a nightmare. I went to the office and I was feeling the urge to go get my self a huge Carafe of coffee (cups have long been proven inefficient), when an icoming email draw my attention. It was an […]

Wicket, Spring 3, JPA2 & Hibernate OSGi Application on Apache Karaf

EDIT: Hibernate is now OSGi ready so most of those stuff are now completely outdated. The full source for this post has been move to github.PrologueRecently I attempted to modify an existing crud web application for OSGi deployment. During the process I encountered a lot of issues such as Lack of OSGi bundles. Troubles wiring the […]