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Voxxed Thessaloniki 2016

Intro I am back home after a great Voxxed Days event in Thessaloniki and its a good chance to write a blog post about it (something I haven’t done in ages). It was one of the most well organized conferences I’ve ever been so ‘kudos’ to organization team. My talk I spoke about ‘getting started […]

Thoughts on Blueprint and Declarative Services: Dependency injection or Dependency management

I’ve been using the OSGi Blueprint for a couple of years now and I have been happy with it. Blueprint is the obvious choice inside Apache Karaf and since it was a solution that is generally working well I never needed to look for alternatives. Earlier this year I had the chance to watch a presentation by Scott England […]

Advanced Integration Testing using Fuse Fabric at Camel One 2013

I’ve already posted twice in the blog about integration testing using Pax-Exam and Karaf. Surprisingly these two posts are among the most popular in this blog and I was considering writing a third part that would focus on Fuse Fabric. The idea was to write about using Fuse Fabric to create and manage distributed containers for your integration tests.   Finally, […]

Introduction to OSGi and Karaf at JHUG

EDIT: The video links have been updated. New videos provided with improved quality.Presented on OSGi and Apache Karaf on Java Hellenic User Group. It was a great event with very interesting presentations. The full list of presentations can be found here. Regarding my presentation, I was a bit nervous at first, since I hadn’t practiced my “presentation” skills for a while, but […]

ServiceMix Committer

I am currently in the middle of my Xmas vacation and I was just about to download a movie for tonight.While downloading, I checked my emails, which I haven’t really checked since Christmas Eve. An invitation to join the Apache ServiceMix project as a committer was waiting for me on the top of my Inbox. […]